Must Do Classroom Stuffs

I get sooo many great ideas from blog stalking that I have begun to lose track of what is on my “must do/buy/create list.” Does this ever happen to you? So I decided to create a list here to share with you all the inspiring ideas that are on my list.

I blame Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for the hit to my bank account. If hubby asks… I am just going to point at her and say “she made me do it!!”

Seven weeks and counting of amazing ideas! Did you see what I made this past Monday?? (giggles) MY BED!!! So see hubby got something out of all my blog stalking but I claim it is still Tara’s fault.

Shhhh! Don’t tell her I said so. She is on vacation. She will never know my secret.

YES… I am hiding from my spelling lists.
No its not done.
But I am not gonna cry!
I am the teacher!!
This is from Hopelessly Devoted to Teaching (love that title!). She picked up a jewelry organizer at Michaels, ear buds at Dollar Tree, and then made the numbers and title. So love this! I am adding ear buds to my supply list.  Bad part – only holds 25. Most classes are bigger than that around here… would need a second one.
This is from Mrs. Whitehead’s Thoughts from Third Grade. This is soooo close to being perfect but for some reason she mixed up the colors blue and red. Maybe she can fix it before I “borrow” it permanently for my room or else I will have to make one of my own.
Hmmmm… I never thought about having a place for lost and found items. I am adding it to my list. Not sure of I want to copy this design yet or something else but I am now thinking on it. This is from Stellar’s Students.
This is from Hooty’s Homeroom. I need her to make me one. Wouldn’t it be perfect with a P in the center?? I need to add this to my classroom inspiration page.
Does lack of spacing or too much spacing drive you as crazy as it does me? I love these cute guys from Ms. Alley’s Second Grade Class. My son saw the picture and asked if I could make some for his teacher. =) They are now officially kid approved!

Down the Learning Road found these monster markers! They are called Scentos… never heard of them. I have been looking everywhere for monster pens/markers for Australia but nada until now. Where do you get these at?

Found these at Walmart for $0.88 per marker! I bought the entire set!! Spent WAAAAYYY to much on a set of markers but they are so cute and smell so good!
Library book stick genius with GLITTER from a Cupcake for teacher. Pure genius I say! I am planning on making 2 per student to start with and then will go from there.
Now there was something else I wanted to share but I can’t remember what. I thought I pinned it but don’t see it. See why I had to make this post? Do you ever lose your pins?

So… my most favorite places of all of blogland

Well… all the places I know is this
The School Supply Addict page.
If your a new teacher….
You HAVE to visit here!
It’s a secret!Its just been updated with
NEW Classroom inspirations.

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