BUILD Math Centers


Day 2 of setting up the classroom was all about organizing materials. I felt totally lost most of the time and feel like I wasn’t much help at all. I also didn’t take pictures as I am not sure showing the before and after of someone else’s year end disaster would be very nice.

We cleaned out the one closet and the math manipulatives/games shelves (there are 3 of them). We got rid of quite a few things that she doesn’t use or has replaced. Most of these items went to the new teacher next store. We also made copies for the first week of school.

Then we cleaned out a few of the file cabinet drawers in preparation for BUILD! I am so excited about this part.

Do you remember when I talked about wanting to use this last year? If not, read my post BUILDing Math Masters. You can also learn more about BUILD at Adventures in Teaching… the idea came from her district office.

The new teacher (whom I have not met yet but her room is adorable!) introduced my cooperating teacher to this and she agreed to try it out this year.


I am just a wee bit (okay a lot of bits) excited  as I love the idea behind this. My main job was to sort items that we had into each of the 5 areas and get them “organized” for easy pulling during the year. She is still waiting for specifics on how to implement this from the new teacher (she listened a little to me but it still waiting for the other teacher, sigh…. ) but I am still excited to be able to use this.


To help myself (and my cooperating teacher)… I made this cheat sheet of ideas for what to include in each center. You can get your own copy by clicking BUILD. Let me know if you have any more ideas for the various centers and I will add them to the file and update the PDF. I am keeping this inside my lesson plan binder for easy referencing.

I used the same letters that we are using for our centers in our classroom so it will match. You can get these for FREE from Teachers Pay Teachers seller Foxworth Forest. We are using the blue set in our classroom. In my own classroom, I am planning on using the black set.

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