Seven Hundred Dollars!?!

I got my first paycheck as a teacher! I am so happy and thankful to have a classroom of my own. I picked up my check and did a happy dance all the way home. I am getting paid to do what I love. FINALLY!



I walked in the door still smiling (and probably dancing)… handed my check over to my husband and went off to love on my sons. It was a great day until my husband interrupted my bliss with the announcement that my paycheck was only $738.41.

Ummmm??? That is not what my salary when I signed my contract!

We looked it over and realized that there is a 60/40 split with the government getting 60%! The deductions included taxes (Arizona has very high state taxes… grrrr!), social security, mandatory retirement, and insurance for my husband. I knew we could not afford to insure the kids as that was $600 per payday so I elected only to cover my husband at $200.

I have to say that NO adult can survive off of $1400 a month. Not even one that is single with no kids. You have to be kidding me right? But no… its all true. I cancelled my husband’s insurance so now I make a whopping $1800 a month to educate 30 students.

My husband is quite convinced that I could make more money opening up my own daycare center. He is right. To make a sad situation even worse… part of that money each month still has to go to pay for classroom supplies and resources.

We need to make a change.

Teachers need to be paid a salary that they can live off of. Who in their right mind would stay in teaching with this kind of salary? Remember… I have a masters degree so my paycheck is larger than most first year teachers. Our pay is a huge reason why teachers leave.

I have been saying for years (even before I became a teacher) that anyone that is a public servant should not pay taxes… image how much that would add to our salaries? I am sure the police and fire departments will agree with me.

There are ways to pay teachers more without paying them more. The no taxes is one way. Another is for them to receive a discount everywhere for everything not just upon occasion. Imagine 20% off your electric and housing! That would save us a bundle!

Oh and we should not have to pay back out student loans….. ever!

While I am at it… I also propose that every teacher be given an expense account to use as they see fit for additional items needed throughout the year. You know things like M&M counters and Oreos for moon phases. Paper plates and napkins. Number lines, Kleenex, and chart paper. The list goes on and on and is never ending.

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